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Introducing, from The Royal Spa Candy Collection, are my Sugar Scrubs for Women, and now for Men! These scrubs (or exfoliation soap bars) are infused with all natural ingredients and excellent skin-absorbing oils.


Ladies, they are perfect for harsh dry weather, those stressful days after work or a day with the family! These will leave your skin feeling exfoliated and you feeling relaxed! 


Men - If you work in those harsh environments where they leave your hands dry, cracked and if they feel rough to the touch - then these will work! These bars help remove the dry and dead skin as well as any dust and dirt you may have pick up off your skin and body to give your hands a smoother and fresher look and feel.  


*Note* Don't scrub to hard with these, of course. While they do remove dry dead skin, too much use, or too hard of a use may cut into your skin.

Size of jar: 6 oz

Size of Scrub Bar: between 4 - 6oz

Sugar Scrubs

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