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Get to Know Royal Purple Creations

Royal Creations, with Royal Intentions

Our online store is full of unique handmade creations! We believe in getting back what you put out, which is why everything is handmade with love, care and consideration for our customer, you! 

Bath & Body is full of natural products, for both men and women, that are made with natural ingredients! From the Vegan and natural-pressed oils, to the rich cocoa and shea butter creams - your skin will thank you! 

Jewelry is all Nickel-free, (the owner can't rock anything with Nickel either). We use Resin to make a few jewelry pieces and beads, like Boho and Seed beads to make others. All jewelry is fully customizable to fit your personality.

Home has Soy Wax and Paraffin Candles; and our Tees, Bags, and Mugs are all heat-pressed using either Vinyl or infused into the materials.

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