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These small beaded bracelets are made with the stretch beading string and loop on both ends for a secure fit. Since these are custom made, you can let me know the size of your wrist. You can measure by a tape measure, or download a paper measure from online. Also, please specify if you would like one custom made with certain birthstones. 

These are perfect as a birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, best friend gift or for self. Some of the stones and beads are the traditional birthstones and some are based off the special months who happen to have THREE birthstones to choose from. The months and stones available are as follows: 

January - Red Bamboo - brings good luck, warns against jealousy and deters negative thoughts

February - Amethyst - Peace, Love, Happiness and Wisdom

March - Aquamarine - Courage, Peace, Happiness and Serenity (Added Angelite for Divine Love, Healness and Gentleness)

April - Diamond - Strength, Courage, Fortune (Added White Coral for Communication & Self - Confidence)

May - Emerald - Love, Happiness, Loyalty & Hope (Added Green Agate for Compassion, Generosity and a sense of Justice)

June - Smoky Quartz or Sardonyx (Which is said to resemble Alexandrite and this reason for my choice) - Cleanses and detoxes fear, lifts depression and negativity

July - Ruby - Wisdom, Passion, Motivation and Vitality - (Added Red Coral also for Vitality and Passion)

August - Peridot - Friendship, Compassion, Clarity and Beauty (Added Southern Red Agate for Grounding, Safeness, and Vitality))

September - Sapphire - Peace, Joy, Beauty and Truth (Added Lapis Lazuli for Creativity, as well as Truth)

October - Pink Tourmaline - Courage, Vitality, Love and Healing (Added Rose Quartz for Universal Love)

November - Citrine - Love, Fortune, Happiness and Joy (Added Tigers Eye for Mental Clarity for problem solving)

December - Turquoise - balances and aligns all chakras; stabilizes mood swings and is great for depression

Small Beaded Bracelets

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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